Fishing Adventure Set


Introducing our perfect vintage-style wooden toy fishing set, designed for the outdoor lover in your life. This set is not only a delightful prop for newborn photography, but also a charming toy for little ones to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of simpler times with this set, which includes a fishing pole that actually "hooks" the fish, a fishing net, and three different hand-painted fish. Each piece is authentically detailed, capturing the essence of a classic fishing experience.

Crafted from sturdy wood and metal, these toys are built to withstand hours of play and capture the imagination of both children and adults alike. The fishing rod measures 12 inches in length, providing the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore.

Whether used as a prop in newborn photography or as a toy for imaginative play, this vintage-style wooden fishing set is sure to bring joy and create lasting memories. Its timeless design and attention to detail make it a truly special addition to any collection.

Please note that this set is intended for play and photography purposes only and should be used under adult supervision. The safety and well-being of children is our utmost priority.

Thank you for considering this perfect vintage-style wooden toy fishing set. We hope it brings a sense of adventure, sparks creativity, and fosters a love for the great outdoors in both young and old alike.

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