Green Fainting Couch

Green Fainting Couch

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 Vintage doll couch to use in studio for small newborns in very good condition  

Seat 5” x 10”

Couch measures 16 inches long 7 inches deep and 11 inches tall

❇️ This item is in good condition is vintage doll couch using your own discretion Vintage The Props are not returnable
this is not a new Couch 

This is Vintage and May have scuffs and imperfections or small stains 

 but in good working used condition for a photographer prop, Are use this adult coaches a prop take some time and patience and experience to minister but it looks adorable finished if you need help he can reach out to other photographers for suggestions for posing your newborn on this couch for photography only

🔸Again this Couch  is not NEW