Vintage Newborn Car prop


Some cars are hand painted

The pink car is RTS But all the other colors are made to order and will take several days to paint and ship 

. Just ask for the color you choose if not listed here 

Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 12" bumper to bumper, mirror to mirror & floor to top of windshield

Most cars are not perfect condition but work great to use as a prop

Vintage style car is made out of plastic

Smaller, pink sports car is not new & it has some scuffs on it but it’s perfect for a newborn photography props.

The cars are toys that have been used and there may have scuffs and scratches on the paint and windshields. They’re also potentially repaired to be used as a photography prop. Some of the mirrors maybe also repaired                                                               order painted cars :

white or Black painted car is hand-painted and is not RTS.

Will take 6-10 days to paint then 2-5 day’s delivery in USA 


 It’s a perfect photography prop but again remember this is a hand-painted item and also the plastic windshield is a bit fogged up on the passenger side I could not correct it since this is a used item not brand new.

Condition: The car is in great physical condition with minimal superficial scratches / scuffs, from gentle use.

The trunk and hood latches open but are touchy. The electronics may not work 

most cars are not new and is a toy 

No returns 

 Opening glove box

 Hidden rumble seat in the truck

 Buttons that push

 Thank you for looking and happy shopping.

Again this Is not a new toy 

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