Vintage Ivory Couch



 Vintage doll couch to use in studio for newborns in good condition it does have some discoloration on the arms in the back of the couch as well very minor, but it’s very stup it’s been cleaned Seat 11.5” x 6”

Couch measures 19” long 8.5”deep and 11.5 inches tall

❇️ This item is in good condition is vintage doll couch using your own discretion Vintage The Props are not returnable
this is not a new Couch and has some discoloration and water spots on fabric on the side of couch real obvious looks like it was glued include one portion in the back

This is Vintage and May have scuffs and imperfections or small stains 

 but in good working used condition for a photographer prop,

posing newborns on furniture takes some time and patience and experience

🔸Again this Couch  is not NEW  

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