Bougie Car


Introducing our exquisite vintage toy car, hand-painted in one of the color options provided, with stunning gold trim on the wheels, rims, bumpers, and mirrors. This car is a true gem, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to your photo shoot.

Originally pink, this vintage toy car has been transformed into a unique and eye-catching prop. The painting process takes a couple of extra days, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Please note that this is not a ready-to-ship prop, as each car is carefully hand-painted to perfection.

Measuring 24 x 15 x 12 inches from bumper to bumper, mirror to mirror, and floor to the top of the windshield, this vintage car provides the ideal size for your photography needs. It's a perfect prop to create captivating scenes and capture timeless moments with your little ones.

As a vintage toy, this car is not new and may have some inconsistencies, scratches, or nicks, which only add to its character and authenticity. Occasionally, the mirrors may have missing parts, but these minor details are not noticeable in a photo and do not detract from the overall charm of the car.

The trunk and hood latches open, although they may be touchy, and the electronics may not be functional. However, these features do not diminish the beauty and appeal of this vintage toy car.

We sincerely appreciate your support of our small business. Kindly note that returns are not accepted without prior authorization.

Thank you for considering this exquisite vintage toy car as a prop for your photography. We hope it brings joy, adds a touch of nostalgia, and helps you create cherished memories. Happy shopping!

🔸Please remember that this is not a new toy and returns are not excepting without prior authorization

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