Bougie Car


The car is a vintage toy painted in one of the color options provided

This car has gold trim 

This Painting process will  takes 3-5 days to complete 

This is a vintage toy car that works well as a photo shoot prop 

 It is not new and does have some inconsistencies and or some scratches or Knicks 

thank you for supporting our small business 😍

Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 12" bumper to bumper, mirror to mirror & floor to top of windshield

 It’s a perfect photography prop but again remember this is a hand-painted item

this toy is not new 

Condition: The car is in great physical condition with minimal scratches/scuffs 

The car may have some repairs to the mirrors and some s

The trunk and hood latches open but are touchy. The electronics may not work 

car is not new and is a toy 

No returns 



Opening glove box


Hidden rumble seat in the truck


Buttons that push


So cute.


Buy now! Your child will love it.


Thank you for looking and happy shopping.

🔸Again this Is not a new toy 

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