Vintage Ribbon Print Couch



 This couch is perfect for in studio use for newborns  

 Vintage couch is painted using special fabric paint. Not RTS Couch can be slightly different style couch with or without tacks 

vintage painted upholstered, couch  same size as the one you see in the pictures

The process takes 5-7 days to complete and when finished the fabric has a leather texture. once the paint  is cured the surface will not crack or chip & is very durable. 

   ( in use pictures are just examples of how to use this prop)

seat 10”x5”

Couch measures 16 .5 inches long 7 inches deep and 11 inches tall


please be careful posing your newborn on this couch for photography only

🔸Again this Couch  is not NEW  



This is a Fabulous Fabric painted couch 

The fabric is painted but it’s perfect for a prop

it isn’t soft like fabric It has more of a leather Texture

 Vintage chair not returnable 

This is a Vintage so there might have cuffs and imperfections


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